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                Our department has actively carried out and completed a number of scientific research work. In the past five years, the nursing staff of our hospital has won nine provincial-level scientific research projects, including 1 National Natural Science Foundation Youth Project, 1 Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department project, 1 Nanjing Science and Technology Committee project, 2 Jiangsu Provincial Health Planning Committee projects, 5 Jiangsu Preventive Medicine Projects, 2 Jiangsu Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau projects , 1 education research project of Nanfang Medical University, 3 projects of open fund of Nursing School of Nanjing Medical University, 25 projects of hospital level, and 2 projects of construction of Party building documents.
                There are 155 published academic papers, including 4 papers in journals included in SCI and 51 on national core journals. 10 national patents were obtained. We won one first prize and 3 second prizes of Jiangsu New Technology Introduction Award, 1 second prize of Nanjing Science and Technology Award, 1 third prize of Jiangsu Preventive Medicine Science and Technology Award, one second prize and one third prize of Jiangsu Provincial Cancer Science and Technology Award, the first prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Nursing Association English Speaking (Case-Learning) Competition, the first prize of the Second Innovation Competition of Jiangsu Province, and many other awards for outstanding scientific papers in natural sciences. The results of various projects were presented at the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care(ICCN), ET International Conference, and the Asian Oncology Nurses Society(AONS). We edited or participated in the compilation of teaching materials and standards at different levels in China. For example, the editor of the Department of Health and Medical Affairs of the Chinese Health Planning Commission, "Operational Practices for Intravenous Therapy and Nursing Techniques", andparticipated in the "Guidelines for the Management of Cancer Symptoms", “Pain nursing”edited by the China Anti-Cancer Association Cancer Care Professional Committee as the team leader hospital.
                Representative paper
                1)Fang Cheng,Ai-feng Meng ,Tao Jin,Correlation between burnout and professional value in Chinese oncology nurses: A questionnaire survey,International Journal of Nursing Sciences,2015.6.01,2(2):153-157
                2)Meng-Qing, Sun , Ai-Feng, Meng , Xin-En, Huang, Comparison of psychological influence on breast cancer patients between breast-conserving surgery and modified radical mastectomy[J], Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 2013, 14(1): 149-152
                3) Cheng Fang, Meng Ai-Feng, Yang Li-Fang ,Zhang Yi-Nan ,The correlation between ostomy knowledge and self-care ability with psychosocial adjustment in Chinese patients with a permanent colostomy: a descriptive study [J], Ostomy Wound Manage, 2013, 59(7):35-38.
                4)Fang Cheng,Aifeng Meng ,Tao Jin,The correlation between ostomy knowledge and selfcare ability with psychosocial adjustment in Chinese patients with a permanent colostomy: a descriptive study ,Ostomy Wound Manage,2013.01.01,59(7):35-38

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