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                Meng Aifeng, Director of Nursing Department, chief superintendent nurse
                Tel: 025-83283328

                The Nursing Department of Jiangsu Cancer Hospital adheres to the tenet of “People-oriented, Rewarding the Society”, and takes development and innovation as its mission, and further promotes standardization, refinement and full management, and gradually formed a nursing management model integrating nursing, teaching and research.

                Our department implements the three-level management system under the leadership of the dean (the director of the nursing department - the head nurse of the department - the head nurse of the ward), and there are 764 nursing staff in the hospital, including one director of the nursing department, one deputy director of the nursing department, and three nursing officers(administrative, teaching, quality control officers), 4 nurses of each departments and 39 head nurses of wards. There are 3 chief nurses, 44 deputy directors, 254 chief nurses, 318 nurse practitioners and 145 primary nurses. 9 have master’s degree, and nurses with undergraduate and above education accounted for 71% of all the hospital nurses staff. There is one national level specialist nurse (an operating room nurse), 28 provincial level specialist nurses (13 oncology nurse specialists, 4 intravenous therapy nurse specialists, 2 operating rooms nurse specialists, 3 ET specialists, 3 critical illness nurse specialists, 2 diabetes nurse specialists and 1 nutrition nurse specialist). There are some academic appointments including 1 member of the Standing Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association Cancer Committee, 1 member of the Standing Committee of the Cancer Intervention Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, 30 academic appointments of Jiangsu Provincial Nursing Committee, and 17 academic appointments of Nanjing Municipal Nursing Committee.

                Nursing department fully implements the “Quality Nursing Service Demonstration Project”, strengthens the management of clinical nursing work, implements the bed-side work system through the implementation of the hierarchical management of nurses, implements the basic nursing of patients, and establishes a forward-looking nursing management model; The Quality Nursing Service implementation rate is 100%, which has improved the quality of clinical care and specialist care. There are 2 management committees: (1) Nursing Quality and Safety Management Committee (2) Specialist Nurse Training and Practice Base Management Committee.

                Development of nursing specialty
                The development of nursing specialty is the development trend of nursing profession. To promote the development of specialist nursing, Nursing Department has started the in-hospital nursing qualifications according to the plan step by step since 2006, and has qualified for ten aspects of the relevant positions and special nursing of the whole hospital, including certification of responsible team leader and clinical teachers and 8 kinds of nurse specialists for wound ostomy, operating room, critical illness, intravenous therapy, supply room, emergency, pain and cancer chemotherapy. So far, a total of 450 people have obtained relevant professional qualifications in the hospital. As a training practice base for oncology nurse specialists, intravenous therapy and wound ostomy specialists in Jiangsu Province, the company continues to promote the development of oncology care. In response to the particularity of cancer patients and to exploit the connotation of the specialist and expand the innovative services, since the beginning of 2007, we have established specialist nursing clinics, and established five specialized nursing clinics including wound ostomy, intravenous therapy, oncology nursing, lymphedema, tumor with diabetes/nutrition. The annual outpatient volume is nearly 8,000. The development of specialist nursing work is very impressive and has a considerable impact inside and outside the province.

                In 2004, the Nursing Teaching and Research Section was established to undertake multi-level teaching and research work such as postgraduate and undergraduate students. Focusing on the working ideas of "focusing on curriculum reform, focusing on characteristics, focusing on quality", we constantly improve the level of education and teaching. There are 118 clinical teaching teachers in the company, all of whom are with intermediate and above titles, and 46% of them are with associate seniors and above, and 54% of intermediate titles. Among them, one is a master supervisor, and 3 were awarded the qualification certificate of Nanjing Medical University. There are plans to send nursing backbones to the United States, Germany and other countries for academic exchanges and learning, and regularly organize personnel to study in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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